How Will Dexter End? Four Finale Possibilities for America's Favorite Serial Killer

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We have just four days until Dexter leaves our TV screens for good. With only one episode remaining, we can't help but speculate what will happen to our protagonist - and some of the rest of the characters, for that matter.

The possibilities are endless, but there is one thing that probably won't happen: Dexter will not get caught by Miami Metro. Nothing in this season strongly indicated the possibility of his dark secret escaping. With Dr. Vogel dead, there is no one left who would reveal his secret; Deb isn't going to say anything, and no one would believe Saxon after that video of him leaked.

No, we're ready to bet that Dexter's Dark Passenger will accompany him to the grave. Instead, we've come up with four possible series endings: from the never-going-to-happen, to the more-than-likely.

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4. A familiar stranger returns
When Rita's died back in season four, she never really knew the truth about Dexter, and ultimately it was Dexter's secret that killed her (his rivalry with Trinity was provoked by their shared serial killing ways). Since Rita, Dexter has hung out with two women, both of whom knew about Dexter's internal calling, and neither of them died because of it (well, so far). Let's not forget that before Dexter planned to run away with Hannah, he was ready to commit to Lumen in season five. You remember Lumen: the girl with the strange name who was gang raped and survived and then went on a vindictive killing spree to satisfy her temporary passenger.

What if, out of the blue, Lumen happens to come back to Miami and calls up Dexter to see how he's doing? This could create tension between Dexter and Hannah, and confuse the hell out of Harrison - a third blonde! Dexter gets all stressed because he has Debra in the hospital, Hannah at the airport, and now Lumen wants to get back together. Maybe Dexter ends up running away to Argentina with both Lumen and Hannah. Hey, crazier things have happened -- remember the "Deb thinks her brother's sexy" storyline?

So instead of being a serial killer, Dex now has his hands full with two rival women and a kid in the middle. Hey, that sounds like an interesting spin-off we'd watch! It could be called, Two Killer Girlfriends and a Baby.

Likelihood: Slim. There's been no news of Julia Stiles returning to the show, and besides, the writers must know that she was one of the series' least favorite characters.

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3. And he lived happily ever after
After eight years, and all the terror the show has put us through, maybe the writers want to end on a peaceful, happy note. There's no reason to end things badly for Dexter; after all if anyone deserves a fairy tale ending, it's our dark vigilante. Maybe Elway will get caught up by TSA and miss Hannah in the airport. Maybe Dexter will get a phone call from the hospital and he'll be all like, "Hannah, baby, you take Harrison and go to Argentina. I'll meet you there once Deb recovers from her gunshot wound." And then Hannah calls him up later from Argentina and says how she has already stocked up the fridge and is watching Rosetta Stone videos with Harrison.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Dexter sits by Debra's bedside at the hospital and holds her hand while she's in a deep sleep after surgery. While Dexter goes on a food run, he accidentally backs up his car and runs over Saxon - whoopsies, he says. And then, when Deb wakes up, Quinn realizes he can't live without her, and she realizes life is too short (something she probably should have realized the first time she got shot), and they both agree to marry immediately.

Deb has always been a fan of warm climates, so she and Quinn plan a destination wedding in Argentina. Flash forward six months and Deb and Quinn have a beautiful ceremony on the beach with Hannah as the Maid of Honor, Dex as the Best Man, and Harrison as the ring boy. Quick zoom in on Dexter's face as he thinks up some deep and profound quote, and black out.

Likelihood: Maybe some of these things will happen. But if they all do, the season finale's gonna be the most boring hour of Dexter since the Jimmy Smits season.

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