Floatopia Fall Gear Guide: Seven Beach-Ready Inflatables You Can Buy Last Minute

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Courtesy of Floatopia Miami
Maybe Floatopia totally snuck up on you this time and you're in a slight panic. (We know the feeling.) But even if your home is sadly barren of duck floaties, water guns, and buoyant coolers, take heart. There's still time to acquire the perfect accessories to help make this Saturday an afternoon to remember.

Check out our guide to the best gear for the fall installation of Floatopia. Most of it is available from stores with local outposts (though we can't guarantee they won't be sold out after being overrun by Floatopians). Some, however, will require expedited shipping. Which will absolutely be worth it.

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Shark Fin Swim Trainers
Look, there's no way you're under that 66-pound weight limit. Hell, maybe one lone thigh isn't even under that weight limit. But no matter. These $5 suckers from Big Lots have self-adjusting straps, so there's no reason you can't rock 'em around your arms. Pink sharks = WIN.

Sunflower Float
You're a delicate little flower, and you want the world to know. What better way than by riding around in a giant yellow sunflower? All you need is sunshine and water, and you'll blossom like so much fertile flora. At $34.99 from Walmart, it's a steal.

Dalmatian Jumbo Rider
The only thing better than a giant flower is a giant dog. And this adorable dalmatian is ready to hit the waves. Now's your chance to give this dog ($15.29 from Target) his day.

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Paul Calderon
Paul Calderon

I know how to swim Duhhh-nia. Why do I need a floaty for?

Dania Maciel
Dania Maciel

Paul Calderon buy some floaties for Saturday!

Michelle Wallace
Michelle Wallace

I DON'T recommend plastic cups since last time the waves kept splashing into our beverages. Bring a water bottle instead!!

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