Star Wars Night at Marlins Park: The Ten Best Cosplayers and Superfans

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All photos by Carolina del Busto
Star Wars fans gather at Marlins Park
Friday night, Marlins Park was packed with fans, and though some may have actually been there to watch baseball (they won 3-2!), the majority were there for some Star Wars action. The stands were filled with fans who swapped out their usual Marlins tee for one with C-3PO and R2-D2 on it. The stadium roof was retracted, and it was one of those memorable Miami nights when the weather is just right - perfect night for a ball game, and cosplaying.

Our list of the ten best Star Wars fans is hardly complete - we'd run out of web space trying to list them all, because Star Wars fandom is as vast and limitless as Pokémon -- but it is highly colorful.


10. The Darth Vader Clan
This adorable family, comprised of daddy and mommy Vader (Eddie and Dori Amador) and their daughter, Kat, with her husband, Rudy Amarar, was proudly repping the Dark Side. With dad's Vader cape and helmet, along with mom's mask, daughter's cap, and son-in-law's t-shirt, the clan looked as if they were ready to follow Vader onto the Death Star.


9. The Happy Couple
In the films, when Princess Leia confesses her love for Han, he simply replies with an "I know." This couple, Carolina Haayen and Justo Fajardo, customized their shirts with Han and Leia and reversed the lines so Han is the one saying "I love you."


8. The Man and His Poster
Allan holds up the commemorative poster those who sat in the "Star Wars section" of the park received. Allan debated wearing either a Marlins tee with a Star Wars cap, or the inverse, but opted for the full Star Wars attire.

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The Everglades Squad, of the 501st, had a blast being part of Star Wars Night last Friday and really appreciated all the fans who made it special! We also want to thank Carolina del Busto for a great write up!

Come see where else we'll be at:


Scout Troop here! Thanks for the love! The team was dragging us all over. Would have loved to stop and chat but that picture did come out epic. Cheers!

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