Star Wars Night at Marlins Park: The Ten Best Cosplayers and Superfans

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7. The Girl With the Death Star Leggings
Antoinette was decked out in a fan-tastic Star Wars themed outfit. Her tunic top featured Storm Trooper helmets along the bottom, a Death Star, and some flying TIE fighters. Forget ever wearing pants again if you own a pair of leggings with a giant Death Star and a battle scene (pew-pew).


6. Leia, Darth, and Their Droid - One Big Happy Family
This photo proves that enemies can be friends. A more feminine Vader posed alongside a perky R2, and just before the camera snapped, Leia popped in to show her professionalism. No hard feelings, Dad...we mean Darth.


5. Sexy Leia and Sexy Han
Han and Leia are already pretty sexy, but this couple managed to make them that much hotter. The two were running around with quite the rat pack: Luke was there too, and a young General Kenobi with a horse mask. Yes, a rubber horse mask.


4. 501st Stormtrooper
There can be no Star Wars themed event without a Stormtrooper present. This guy, in particular, happened to belong to the 501st Legion, so you know his costume was legit.

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The Everglades Squad, of the 501st, had a blast being part of Star Wars Night last Friday and really appreciated all the fans who made it special! We also want to thank Carolina del Busto for a great write up!

Come see where else we'll be at:


Scout Troop here! Thanks for the love! The team was dragging us all over. Would have loved to stop and chat but that picture did come out epic. Cheers!

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