Star Wars Night at Marlins Park: The Ten Best Cosplayers and Superfans

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3. 501st Scout Trooper
Another 501st Legion member, this dude was dressed as the special type of number four, a Scout Trooper. We caught him in a bit of a hurry, but somehow his photo ended up coming out epic, and thus, worthy of a Scout Trooper.


2. Jedi Master
Jonathan, who attended the event with his sister-in-law (see number one), was rocking the typical Jedi attire - hood up and all.


1. Padme, The Phantom Menace
The best costume of the night had to go to Astrid, who dressed as the always lovely Padme Amidala. Her robe and face make up was awesome, and paired with her headdress, she was fit to address her people.

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The Everglades Squad, of the 501st, had a blast being part of Star Wars Night last Friday and really appreciated all the fans who made it special! We also want to thank Carolina del Busto for a great write up!

Come see where else we'll be at:


Scout Troop here! Thanks for the love! The team was dragging us all over. Would have loved to stop and chat but that picture did come out epic. Cheers!

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