Vivid Live Gentleman's Club Pops Its Cherry With Tera Patrick (NSFW)

Ladies, hang on to your husbands. The Vivid Live luxury gentleman's club is officially open for your viewing pleasure.

With Vivid Entertainment at the helm, you know you're in for a class-act. These are the same people who made Kim Kardashian famous, who made Farrah Abraham a back-door mom, who made Anthony Weiner's dirty little secret our shared entertainment.

Last night, we were VIPs at the club's soft opening, and while we spent most of our time taking advantage of the open bar, we made sure to put our drinks down for a full-tour and even had a little chat with Vivid's host and guest of honor, the lovely Tera Patrick. And holy hell did we see a lot of tits.

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A conceptual hybrid, Vivid Live is half-nudie bar, half-nightclub, all luxury. With a main stage built for two, a celebrity stage in back, and a third single stage by the more private bar, there's plenty of entertainment. Plus, we hear the food is really dank (not that anyone would let us try theirs).

It also seems to be part sports bar. The place is lined with giant LCD flat screens, making sure you don't miss a second of football between ass claps. There's one behemoth of a screen directly behind the main stage, and it was strange how often we found guys distracted by the score with a face full of jiggling tits. It's also incredibly bizarre to see a KFC commercial in this environment. Between the food, the sex and the contact sports, we'd say Vivid is meeting all your basic carnal needs.

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Besides the girls, some of whom are quite skilled at climbing and sliding down large poles with nothing but their thighs, Vivid keeps you entertained with a constant stream of party jams from the DJ. From time to time, a guest drummer would take over, jamming along to classic strip anthems including AC/DC's "Shook Me All Night Long."

In the future, Vivid hopes to expand their entertainment to include famed local and even national DJ talent. After hours, the place can be transformed into a straight-up nightclub, when the girls have made enough money from their public performances.

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Vivid Live Gentlemen's Club

7020 NW 72nd Ave., Miami, FL

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Manny Arroyo
Manny Arroyo

Then I will only get half a boner....Fort Lauderdale still full smh


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Nikolas Obrenović
Nikolas Obrenović

totally agree with her. Can't believe they still allow smoking inside places here.

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