Ten Miami Gay Guys You've Probably Dated

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6. Mr Crunch
You two met when you recognized him in spinning class at the gym -- he's the guy from that Mr. Turk ad. You thought to yourself, Oh, hot damn, and the rest is history. But there's trouble in your sexy paradise. You love him and all, but even suggesting skipping a day at the gym is like asking him to skip his next casting call. That's because he truly believes he's Miami's Next Top Model. Maybe he did porn in his early college days, maybe he didn't. But let's be honest: One look at him at Hyde Beach in his barely-there swim trunks, and his XXX past is soon forgotten.

5. Mr. Power Player
If George Clooney and Oprah had a baby, this man would be him. Between his good looks and his bank account, his genes could come from only those two. Mr. Power Player does happy hour at Soho House, but we all know he is having his nightcap at Twist. But not backroom Twist; the oh-so-classy front bar. He not only has a stool there, but the staff also calls it his throne. With him, you learn that, yes, the Black Card really is made of steel. He just used it to pay for your dinner at Zuma. He not only lives in that penthouse condo but is also the developer who built it.

If we just described your boyfriend, be warned: You're probably in your mid-20s now, but that dirty 30 is right around the corner. Get on Match.com, because Mr. Power Player likes his men like he likes his Jugofresh in the morning: very, very fresh.

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Fernando Buch
Fernando Buch

Lol. Proud to be a Mr. Espn/fight for your rights.


Alright, now where's the lesbian list?

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