Arte del Barrio: The Miami Artists' Guide to Happiness

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Aimee Ortiz
(H)U.MAN(O) exhibit
How do you get happy? That's the question a collection of artists asked themselves for Arte del Barrio's "Art and the Pursuit of Happiness" exhibit opening in Wynwood this weekend.

This Saturday, October 19, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Alberto Linero Gallery (2294 B NW 2 Ave., Miami) nine artists and performers exhibit their work with the ultimate goal of making you smile and adding a little extra happiness to your day. All the artwork and performances you see will have been inspired by the quality or state of being happy.

We spoke with eight of the artists and they told us what inspires their happiness, so naturally, we came up with their take on a guide to being happy.

Aimee Ortize
We the People

Don't Worry, Be Happy
Artist Aimee Ortiz believes that too much worrying can cloud our happiness; she says that "feeling lucky, fortunate to be alive, and by getting rid of false egos and not worrying that much" will help people be happier. She also suggests mediation to clear and calm the mind.

Peace of mind was Ortiz's inspiration for the exhibit. She says, "For the person who has conquered the mind, then his mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will be the greatest enemy." Happiness and peace are interwoven for Ortiz; "How can there be any happiness without peace?" she asks. Deep stuff, man.

For the exhibit, Ortiz will display five wooden boxes containing everyday objects that make people happy "in an attempt to reflect the senselessness of the human condition through material objects." Ortiz says she hopes her display will cause people to re-think what makes them happy, and although she knows some people might laugh at the objects inside the boxes, she knows it will still be food for thought.

Frank Christopher

Happiness is a Choice We Make
"I urge you to smile and laugh at the world and stay positive at all times; [happiness] is a choice," says Frank Christopher. The only thing that can hinder happiness, in Christopher's opinion, is "not breathing, and negative energy." (He's right; most doctors cannot recommend "not breathing" for a whole host of reasons.)

Christopher hopes people will see his artwork and understand his statement: that happiness is a decision. "Make the right choice," he says.

For the Arte del Barrio exhibit, he is focusing on the "beautiful day-to-day struggle we go through to pursue happiness." It's all about seeing what is in front of us and forgetting about wanting things we don't have, says Christopher. That means you too, Guy Still Waiting Outside the Apple Store for a Gold iPhone 5s.

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