Josh Burkman and Steve Carl Talk Epic Takedowns and Mutual Respect at the World Series of Fighting

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Josh Burkman, covered in an opponent's blood

Imagine catching a flying knee to the face. Your nose is crushed, and a crimson fountain takes its place. Not so much fun. But seeing it happen to someone else, in a safe, controlled environment, for the sake of sport, is awesome!

The World Series of Fighting is headed for Coral Gables, and the BankUnited Center is going to feel it like an elbow to the solarplexus.

Fighters Josh Burkman and Steve Carl headline the card in their battle for the WSOF's first ever welterweight championship. Here's what they have to say about strength, submission, and being the best in the world.

How do you guys feel about the event?
Josh Burkman: Camp went well. I was part of the very first World Series Of Fighting and I'm excited for the first title shot. I'm more prepared than ever for this fight. It's gonna be an entertaining card and a good show.
Steve Carl: I'm super excited for this event. Not just for the title shot with Burkman but for the rest of the card too. I'm looking forward to watching some of these matchups. And the colder it gets in Iowa, the more excited I am to get down to Miami.

Josh, what's different about you since the UFC?
Burkman: After the UFC I took a year off, and by taking that year off I changed my lifestyle. I had a back injury and I was told by three surgeons that I shouldn't fight. I had a herniated disc in my neck, my back, nerve damage, arthritis....I had to change my diet, quit drinking, start going to bed earlier, quit going out. I changed my whole life and I've never felt better.

After I lost by decision to a Canadian in Canada I vowed never to stay out of the gym. I stay in fight shape all the time now. And I just try to get better and better. I also got married, which gave my life structure, and helped me ground myself. And I had a little boy, which took all my selfishness away. Marriage has made me a better man and a better martial artist.

Steve, you've won your past six fights in a row. Do you feel you deserve more credit for doing so?
Carl: I'm good with way things are going. People are looking at this like Burkman is getting more hype and more credit....well, he deserves it. Look at the three wins he just put down. Burkman is the favorite and I'm ok with it. I'm gonna be in the cage in that fight. He still has to beat me or I still have to beat him. Burkman is one of best in the world and I can't be more excited to compete with him.

How will it feel if you win the belt?
Burkman: I think it will be a feeling of accomplishment. Any time you have something taken from you and you change your life and come back healthy I think it completes the comeback to win. And I would be proud to represent the organization as champion. I wanna see the company succeed for the success of everybody.

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