Free Events This Week: Free Booze, Salsa Contest, British Invasion

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Hannah Sentenac
Is it just us, or are Mondays not quite as hideously miserable once we start approaching the holidays? Fall and winter are notoriously unproductive, people spend more time pinning to their "wish list for Santa" Pinterest board than actually working, and no one gives a shit. It's an apathetic employee's wet dream.

But sadly, most people so still have to show up Monday through Friday regardless of whether they actually do anything. So to keep you entertained for the next five days, here are some free options around town. Enjoy, you lazy SOBs.

Hannah Sentenac
Brit buses are cool. Get over it.
  • British Network Gathering at News Lounge:
  • Are you a Brit? (If yes, what the hell are you doing here, foregoing free health care?) Or just hot for Brits? Either way, you'd bloody well join in on this Tuesday night Brit-for-all.

cliff1066™/flickr cc
  • Salsa Contest at MDC Hialeah Campus: Can you dance circles around everyone you know? Do you put white people to shame? Skip Burger King for lunch and strut your stuff instead.

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