Generic Art Solutions Opens Mindy Solomon Gallery, Wynwood's Newest, Tonight

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courtesy of Mindy Solomon Gallery
"The Head of St. John the Baptist" by Generic Art Solutions
Tonight's opening show at Wynwood's newest art venue, Mindy Solomon Gallery, brings Matt Vis and Tony Campbell to Miami following their major photography show at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw.

"It's a really strong statement to make," Solomon says. "Their work is hysterical, in a way that makes people feel comfortable with it. And that's really their whole premise: delivering work to the people."

Are you a person? Then this may be the art show for you. Wynwood is still damp and trembling from last week's Second Saturday art walk but has enough youthful elasticity to bounce back for tonight's reception, which also coincides with an opening at Emerson Dorsch, just across NW 24th Street.

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courtesy of Mindy Solomon Gallery
"The Capture of Christ (Judas Kiss)" by Generic Art Solutions

Vis and Campbell comprise Generic Art Solutions, a duo that works in photography, sculpture, video, and performance, all of which are part of their new Wynwood show, "Renaissance Men." The pair is part of a loose collective that got their start in the St. Claude arts district in New Orleans, an area that went through the same growing pains as Wynwood is experiencing.

"We started the same kind of thing," Vis says. "All of the sudden, there were food trucks and an open air market, all that. If you're going to throw a party, you have to decide what the occasion is that you really want to celebrate. And how many rowdy drunks you want to invite to your house. If it's too many, maybe next time, you don't invite so many. Because if you have art inside and a ton of food trucks parked outside, we all know which one is loudest and the most attention grabbing."

He remembers there being so much smoke from the cooking outside his gallery in New Orleans that he thought the partiers had lit a bonfire in the street. So the next time, Vis says, they didn't invite as many cooks.

"It's the same thing with art. Some of our art is pretty irreverent but we like to rein it in and distill it down. Do you need ten bongo players in your band or would just one do?" Vis asks, proving himself to be an idiot because you definitely do need ten bongo players. What a dope. (Full disclosure: the Cultist Family Bongo Choir was not selected to perform at tonight's opening.)

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courtesy of Mindy Solomon Gallery
still from the dual-channel video "Please God, Make Me Famous" by Generic Art Solutions

Vis and Campbell are best known for their long-running performance piece, the Art Cops, in which the two dress in police uniforms and tour galleries, museums and art fairs to ticket and fine violators of the "rules of art."

"We don't patrol our own shows, as it seems like a conflict of interest," Vis says. "But we are considering a sweep of the neighborhood."

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