III Points: The TM Sisters Make Some "Hypno-Wet-Dreamy" Disco Nap Art

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Giulio Sciorio
Art, music and technology rule III Points this weekend. That's a lot of activity to pack into a whole weekend, but luckily, even naptime has a place at the festival.

On Saturday, October 5, at the Midtown Indoor Soccer Field, the festival is hosting a "Disco Nap," where guests will get an opportunity to sit back and relax in between the major parties.

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Putting the "disco" in the disco nap are Ess & Emm, followed by west London funk standout T.Williams. The TM Sisters, whose multi-platform artworks will also be at the Hangar Gallery for the festival, will provide visuals.

"These magical geniuses have the power to calm and excite everyone to such a glorious beat that it'll be a fun collaboration to get excited about beats together," said the TM Sisters in an email about joining forces with the DJs. "We look forward to the outcome of our digital and audio playtime while you zone out in an A.C.'d soccer field, pillow-talk style."

Pulling from thousands of files worth of video B-roll that they've collected over the years, the TM Sisters will be providing a "pulsing visual spectrum" of live collages.

"We love mashing up all of our videos together and see how f'd up we can get the combo of visuals to be in order to work as a vortex of colors and shapes on beat with galactic, sexy, hypnotic and tropical flairs. Every show we VJ, it's going to be newly patterned and constructed depending on what the musicians are emitting."

Whether any naps will actually be taken or not, Saturday's Disco Nap will surely quench the proverbial throwback thirst of anyone in need of some rejuvenation. In a word, The TM Sisters want you to feel "hypno-wet-dreamy" in a "lovely bedding-zone vibe." Disco nap bliss awaits you.


The Disco Nap kicks off at the Midtown Indoor Soccer Field (370 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127) Saturday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Admission is free and beverages will be provided.

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