III Points Festival: TM Sisters Created a Colorful Galaxy with Samsung

Categories: Art, Culture

Enter under the purple monster.

Go through the black door with a red stripe, and step into a white walled alternate Hangar Gallery galaxy. A Samsung Galaxy, that is, as converted by the TM Sisters for the weekend long III Points Festival.

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Spread throughout the moderately sized gallery were five 50-inch Samsung Galaxy flat screen TVs and nine white tablets playing the sisters' video art on a loop. Each screen showed a psychedelic, neon backdrop as figures danced; some in slow motion, some in futuristic golden attire, but all matching the beat of the music playing on the loudspeakers.

At first, the room seemed plain and bare - and with the small crowd in attendance when we stopped by, even more so. But viewing the works in an intimate setting proved far better than dodging crowds. Each video had its own personality, and the longer you stared, the more enticing it became.

The artwork seemed to focus on the human body in general, rather than individual people. The assortment of flashing colors and gyrating bodies gave the illusion of a futuristic, outer space club. If you looked at the videos long enough, you'd find yourself wanting to be a part of that galactic club and wishing to be engulfed by a sea of neon.

"I think it [all] looks beautiful, and it's a great collaboration between Samsung Galaxy and the TM Sisters," said Mike De Rienzo, Samsung Galaxy representative.

The eye-catching hues of the artwork appeared crystal clear - and certainly in high-definition -- on the Samsung Galaxy screens, so it was hard not to stare. As De Rienzo pointed out, "the displays really highlight the art."

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