Jillian Michaels on Miami, Motherhood, and This Weekend's Sweat USA Fitness Expo

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We all have a little voice in our heads, the one that tells us when we're doing something wrong. It speaks up when we're texting and driving, or avoiding our mom's phone calls, or getting ready to hit on that guy wearing a wedding ring.

But when you're getting ready to cheat on your diet with a giant bag of Cheetos dipped in ranch dressing, that voice has a name and a real-life person: Jillian Michaels.

Michaels, famous for her time on the NBC weight loss hit The Biggest Loser, has turned her time on reality TV into a full-blown fitness empire. With workout DVDs, books, gym equipment and now one of the headliners of Sweat USA, the fitness expo coming to South Beach this weekend, she is officially the titan of training.

If you're looking to take the top off of your own personal midriff muffin, you're in luck. At Sweat USA, Michaels, along with tons of celebrity trainers, will teach classes, speak to fans, and otherwise inspire/scare participants into living healthier. But before she lands in the Magic City, we talked to her about everything from curls to cocktails.

New Times: How do you like Miami? I am not sure we are the epitome of health.
Jillian Michaels: I disagree. I mean, of course the nightlife doesn't help, but everyone is so good looking there. I happen to love it. I hope to move there one day. My company just moved there in the last year and we are considering moving our home there in the next few years. Great weather. A lot of culture.

But we do go out a lot. That can't be great for our bodies, right?
I remember that from my 20s. I could have never lived there at that time. Too much temptation in that part of my life. Miami would have been the end of me. I mean, nightclubs that never close? That can't be good.

What's your advice for Miamians? How can we can keep it together?
I would say balance is key. Take one night a week and make it a great one. Try to eat well and take care of yourself. It's all about balance. It's not about deprivation.

How about cocktails? Vodka and soda is OK?
Clear alcohol with no sugary mixers. Tequila with lime. Vodka, soda, water. Gin martini. Don't add insult to injury with things like soda and juice.

What made you want to get involved with Sweat USA?
We wanted an opportunity to create a fitness event that really was for everybody. If you were a fitness professional, if you wanted to network, if you wanted to expand your education, if you're an athlete looking for a challenge or if you're just looking for a jumpstart, there is something to get you on the right path. You can explore different things and/or see what you like. That was really what our goal was when we created Sweat, and I think we accomplished it. We have the best of the industry all coming together, all the fitness trends. I'm bringing my new program, BodyShred. All that stuff is in one place. We want to make fitness fun.

BodyShred... that sounds terrifying.
The thought behind BodyShred was to create a program that is fun, fast paced and delivers results in 30 minutes. All of the most cutting edge fitness techniques are integrated into one holistic system. Then, I am also connecting other talented trainers to teach the masses and help them get results quickly.

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