#JusticeForReefa: Art Opening at LMNT Pays Tribute to Israel Hernandez (PHOTOS)

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Is There Justice, Or Just Us
Israel "Reefa" Hernandez's life was abruptly ended when Miami Beach police officers tased him to death. But you can't kill art, and on walls across South Florida, Reefa lives forever.

That was especially true last night at the "#Justice4Reefa" art exhibit at LMNT on the beautiful Little Haiti side of Wynwood. The show was part of a weekend-long series of events protesting the artist's death, ending with a solidarity march this Sunday.

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LMNT is a sprawling space on 36th street between Miami Ave and NW1st. It has its own parking lot, bar, and a couple of wide open rooms full of art.

The exhibit began early ...

...and lasted well into the night.

The event was put together with the help of 40 or so volunteers who form the Justice For Reefa committee, who meet weekly to strategize and organize.

Inside the gallery, tributes abound, like this one by artist Lola Blu.

Reefa's own art was also on display. Artist Rage from Inkheads, who has been painting since the '80s, said, "Look at all his pieces! I don't even have that many pieces...."

Here are some of Reefa's works:






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59 NW 36th St., Miami, FL

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drakemallard topcommenter

It’s a crime, not art!  Graffiti, it’s everywhere.On freeway bridges, bus stops maybe your own property. But getting rid of it is a never-ending, expensive process.

 Fleeing the police, after they have identified themselves as police, is ALWAYS a chargeable offense. Once you flee from an officer, you can be charged with fleeing the police, even if you have done nothing wrong.

The moral is: If a police officer asks you for I.D. or wants to handcuff you and you are innocent, do not run. Just comply. You can always file a complaint later, if the cop has acted inappropriately The criminal charge of fleeing a police officer is often added on to other criminal charges

For the last 17 years, the North Beach residents and the business owners have been working hard to get the area revitalized and have changed it to be a desirable place to live in and for tourists from all over the world come visit. This has been accomplished with the help and support of the Miami Beach Police Officers assigned to North Beach.

The rebirth of North Beach took a long time and selfish actions, which do not take in consideration the effect on other people, are simply not acceptable. The North Beach businesses offer work for local people, who feed their families with the business movement in the area. At the same time, the majority of the residents appreciate living in a safe and clean area where tourism is welcome because it gives life to this part of Miami Beach.

When private property gets tagged with graffiti, property owners are required by Miami Beach Code Enforcement to paint right away, spending funds that could very well be used for other positive things.

It is very tragic what has taken place with the death of a young man, who instead of using his talents in a positive way, decided to risk his freedom by doing what he very well knew was wrong. His selfish actions brought him to a confrontation with the police officers looking after a community. They had no intention of causing death to anyone by using a working tool provided to them to be used on those who refused to listen to a police officer order when caught breaking the law.

Instead of promoting the defacing of private property, violence and disrespect to the police officers, people should use a little common sense. It is not difficult to understand that all human beings have the capacity to differentiate right from wrong and the capacity to understand that actions have consequences, without forgetting that the first action is what leads to what then will follow. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN RIGHT, SO WHEN THEY GO OUT TO SOCIETY THEY CANNOT REGRET THEIR ACTIONS LATER.

It is important for the news to take to their viewers another point of view of what has taken place.


@drakemallard What a lot of blah blah blah you write to justify killer cops acting as judge, jury and executioner. You should be ashamed. I live in North Beach and believe me, people are a lot more upset about the cops murdering a young artist there than they are about property rights for McDonalds. 


@drakemallardvandalism is a crime. but drawing on a derelict building is not vandalism.

you make a couple good points about the mistake and potential consequences of running from a dirty pig. and it's true, you have to be very careful of your actions around police in general

but for all your indictment of society' ills, you never acknowledge the history of actual abuse of power and corruption by Miami Beach Pigs (not the good guy cops), and the detrimental effects they have on the communities they are paid to protect and serve,,,,,and how sometimes it is the pigs who are the criminals and the alleged criminals who are the innocent

miamitrev2 topcommenter

@Jacob_Katel @drakemallard  

"vandalism is a crime. but drawing on a derelict building is not vandalism".

Congats, that's the dumbest thing I've ever read


@miamitrev2 just because the building has a paper owner doesn't mean they didn't abandon it (cease to support or look after it)

miamitrev2 topcommenter

@Jacob_Katel @miamitrev2 

You are an idiot.  Blaming everyone from the police to the victim (the building owner) instead of the criminal.      Then you further your ignorance by claiming the building was "abandoned" when in reality it was unoccupied.

 The vandal was defacing property that didnt belong to him.   The message is simple:  Don't touch  things that arent yours,



Let me spell it out for you....

 Since the kid was drawing on an abandoned building that was in a poor condition because of neglect, then the act of drawing on it was not destructive. And because the building was already covered in graffiti, his actions did not deface it.

He was not committing an act of vandalism and therefore the police had no reason to accost him in the first place.

The only criminals in the scenario were the building owners and the pig

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