A Very Miami Halloween: Seven Costumes Inspired by Miami TV and Movies

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With Halloween just around the corner, we know that it's hard to decide on just one awesome costume. But for those of you who haven't spent weeks or months planning an epic Halloween costume, and just want something you can put together quickly, we've got you covered. These costume ideas are from favorite television shows or movies filmed or set here in Miami -- and you can pull them off with either with one trip to the Salvation Army thrift store, or simply rummaging through your closet.

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7. Daniel Lugo, Pain & Gain
This is an easy one - pretty much all you'll need is a muscle tank (preferably white) and some mesh sweat pants or shorts (preferably with a solid line going down the sides). A little fake blood and fake coke dust completes the look. Remember that you're a personal trainer turned thief turned murderer, so try to stay in character (preferably without stealing anything or killing anyone).

6. Adriana De Moura, Real Housewives of Miami
You can pretty much pick any of the women on The Real Housewives of Miami to dress up as, just so long as you channel your inner gaudy goddess. It's important to think over the top and flashy - whatever amount of makeup you normally wear, double it, maybe even triple it to be safe. Show some cleavage, some legs, and don't forget heels! No housewife would dare leave the house in flats. This "costume" (we use air quotes since these are technically real women) works best if you are the opposite of a Real Miami housewife. You don't want people thinking you forgot to dress up and look that way everyday.

5. Ike Evans, Magic City
Ike is one classy stud. Though his iconic look is an outfit you would've worn to a wedding or prom in the '60s, if you are going to a fancy Halloween soirée, it's sort of perfect. Plus, for those of you who still fit into your prom tux (or even still own it) it's a perfect excuse to dust it off and pair it with a bowtie.

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The character, Sam Axe wasn't a retired Spy.  He was a retired F.B.I. agent

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