Ten Miami Viral Videos That Deserve a YouTube Music Award

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YouTube: a place where anyone can rise to fame within 15 minutes, and those fortunate (or hilariously unfortunate) few remain in our hearts and minds forever in the form of a viral video. In a pre-twerking age, those viral videos would remain a shared inside joke between yourself and your fellow viewers. But now, things are getting commercialized.

In partnership with the music industry, the first ever YouTube Music Awards is coming to a streaming device near you on November 3. The online award show will feature actor and musician Jason Schwartzman as host, will be taped live, and unlike typical three hour long award shows, this one will only be 90 minutes.

The nominations are set to be announced on October 17, and so we'd like to throw into the ring ten Miami viral videos that deserve an award (or at least a nomination).

10. Miami Style (Gangnam Style Parody) by aggressivecomix
Yes, we know, you have finally gotten the song out of your head and after just reading the words "gangnam style," you'll be riding an invisible horse all day. Sorry, not sorry. But instead of mumbling inaudible words to the familiar beat, you'll be singing to yourself phrases like, "Westchester, Little Havana, raise it up / you know what's up" or "My quince was better than yours." Or maybe, since the weather is changing, you'll get cold and pull out your favorite UGGS and short-shorts. Live it up.
Category: Best Parody

9. The Infinite Sadness of Chris Bosh by Tony Parker
Factor in some classic French music, black and white animations, and a smooth French narration for this short clip starring Miami Heat player Chris Bosh, and you've got yourself a sure winner. If Bosh can't solve the riddle to the meaning of life, we might all be doomed.
Category: Best Black and White Video

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