NBA Penis Monologues: Former NBA Stars Talk About Sex on Stage in Miami

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Joe Brown
The cast of NBA Penis Monologues

You probably never thought you'd hear the words NBA Penis Monologues discussed in a serious fashion. But here we are, in a space in time where the latest original play that's wowing audiences is, in fact, NBA Penis Monologues. The play has made waves in New York for its special brand of honesty, salaciousness and controversy. It's now coming to Miami Beach this December.

The name of the play is, of course, eye-catching. But the play itself provides a safe space for men to discuss issues that the don't generally get the chance to talk about. "NBA Penis Monologues has proved to be a positive talking point for men regarding topics that don't always receive the public attention that they need," said the play's writer, Joe Brown. "Now, we're extending the conversation to cover even more ground, along with input from our female guests, who will lend their voices to the forum."

The Miami Beach edition of NBA Penis Monologues will include performances by NBA legends Chris Gatling, Anthony Mason, Kenny Anderson and J.R. Rider. The group will divulge their past glories and sexual exploits, as well as how they dealt with awful business decisions and horrible investments, gold diggers, and life after fame.

Also discussed will be the issues of bullying and hazing (which will certainly ring a bell with Miami Dolphins fans, in light of the bullying scandal involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito). Also up for discussion will be sexual abuse, with Anderson talking specifically about his personal struggle with being a victim of sexual abuse as a child and how his revelation during the Broadway premiere has affected him.

Special guests will include former Top 15 WNBA player and four-time all-star Ticha Penicheiro and Sonjia Kenya, author of Sex in South Beach: Let's Talk About Sex. Penicheiro and Kenya will provide their own two cents on discussions about sex and sexuality.

NBA Penis Monologues will premiere Sunday, Dec. 8 at the Colony Theater (1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach), with a VIP meet and greet occurring between 5 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. before the 7 p.m. curtain call. The event will also be filmed live by HBO for an upcoming feature on its sports news show, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

There will be several events promoting the play before the debut; Friday, Dec. 6 will feature the pre-premiere celebrity kickoff event at Juana M. Brickell (923 Brickell Ave., Miami). Saturday, Dec. 7, members of the play will host a basketball clinic for kids at Elizabeth Virrick Park (3255 Plaza St., Coconut Grove) at 12 p.m. The clinic will also be filmed by HBO's Real Sports crew.

NBA Penis Monologues will also raise money for various charities and causes. The play has already raised money for Susan G. Komen to support women who have had mastectomies. This particular charity is close to Brown and Gatling, whose mothers also had mastectomies.

Call 757-572-8871 or visit, StubHub, or Gilt for tickets.

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