Google Glass Takes Art Basel: Artist David Datuna Lets You Try on a Pair

All photos by Kiwi Arts Group
Art and technology are no strangers. (Think of LED-spangled fashion shows, CGI special effects, or TM Sisters' psychedelic video installations.) We've seen art and technology come together before, and we'll see it again during Art Basel this year -- in a whole new light.

New York resident artist David Datuna has chosen Miami's biggest art week to unveil his "Viewpoints of Billions" series, which uses Google Glass to create an interactive art experience.

Hold on to your seats, because Google is officially taking over the art world.

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Using the help of Google Glass - which, we've learned, is simply referred to as 'Glass,' never glasses - Datuna has created work to be shown in the Design District during Art Basel next month. The Glass is not only innovative in the way Datuna is using it for the exhibit, but it has also influenced him as an artist: "Glass has started to change the way I view the world of art and my role in contributing to society as an artist."

"I know now that the impact of Glass and wearable technology will forever change the way people view the world in general. It's a completely new experience we won't fully understand until we're immersed in it on a larger scale as a society," he says. And Art Basel is your chance to get a taste of that immersion.

Attendees will have the opportunity to try on a pair at Datuna's show, and if you opt in for the total experience, your facial expressions will be recorded and archived.

"Once you are fitted with Glass, your experience begins," explains Datuna. "The flag will communicate directly with its audience, prompting questions through the viewfinder of Glass." In other words, you will be having a conversation with the artwork - very cool.

But not so fast, Google isn't letting just anyone and everyone try on their scientific marvel. Datuna says how guests will be required to sign up on a list and they will get a text when it's their turn to view the USA flag using Glass. In the meantime, he hopes you'll keep busy and "see some of my other work, walk around, and view other exhibits."

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