Halloween 2013: The Ten Best Costumes on Lincoln Road

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All photos by Jipsy/nefariousgirl.com
Of all the places to be on Halloween in Miami, South Beach's Lincoln Road has historically been both the most crowded and the most flamboyant. And this year was no exception. Revelers crowded the walking mall in costumes ranging from pop culture inspirations to freak show fashion.

Here are our top costume picks from last night's festivities.

10. Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala
Anyone can dress up as Kim Kardashian. But it takes extra skill to add a pregnant belly, a pair of attached glove-sleeves, and the balls to caress the rock-hard abs of the nearest half-naked superhero.

9. Lego Line
Was this the most unusual costume on the block? No. But these partiers get bonus points for consistency, and for bringing a crowd.

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