Jason Statham on Homefront, Loving Miami and Expendables Testosterone

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Jason Statham, James Franco and Winona Ryder in Homefront
Whether he's sliding around shirtless in motor oil, taking down 20 bad guys with a fire hose, or rolling down a car windshield with a dude's head -- you can count on Jason Statham to be kicking ass in each and every one of his adrenaline-fueled flicks. He's the ultimate antihero, and nobody does badass like him.

On screen he's glowering, humorless and intimidating. He's the guy you don't wanna mess with -- the Chuck Norris of the 2000's. In person, he's unassuming, charming -- and, um, giggly? With a quirky British accent and the most contagious laugh ever, he's hardly what you'd imagine.

In his new flick, Homefront (opening on Thanksgiving), he plays a retired DEA agent who goes up against a small-time meth cooker, played by the ever-enigmatic James Franco. Kate Bosworth and Winona Rider also take memorable turns. The action-packed thriller opens on Thanksgiving Day, so we spoke to Statham about loving Miami, his bromance with Sylvester Stallone, and how he stays in ass-kicking shape.

Cultist: So how's Miami treating you?
Jason Statham: I love Miami. I spend a lot of time here. I made a movie here called Transporter 2. I was laughing because I stayed at the Shore Club, probably the maddest idea that anyone had. Going to this booming hotel that's just like a party hotel and trying to go to bed and get a good night's sleep on a Friday night just wasn't possible.

The biker look, at the beginning of Homefront. The long hair. Ever thought about changing the hairdo?
[Laughs] I just don't think it's a good suit for me.

So Sylvester Stallone adapted this movie for the screen, and I heard he originally planned to star in it himself. Is that the story?
He wrote it I think in 2008, quite awhile ago. It had sort of been sitting around. He was going to do it at some point and it was going to be the last installment of Rambo, but things have changed for him. Things move around and you have different goals and ideas, and rather than it just sitting there and gathering dust ...

We have a really good relationship. I love what he does as a writer and as a director, and as an actor too. I have such great respect for him. He said, 'I've got this script." I read it and I was just begging him, "please let me do it." And he said, 'I've got to adapt it for you.' So I bugged him enough so that eventually he let me do it. [Laughs] It was great, and I really love the story. I've never played a dad and I thought it'd be something different for me.

Yeah, one of the things I thought was really cool about this movie is that it seemed like something different for all of the actors.
Exactly. I mean, Kate Bosworth, how good was she? I was like, 'Who the fuck is that?' [Laughs] Yeah she was great. And James Franco is great. Even Izabela [Vidovic], the girl that plays Maddie, she's hardly done anything. She had us in tears. She did an audition and she was, like, crying in the audition. She had to do the scene where she talks about how she misses her mom -- she really just killed us all.

I heard you learned how to ride a horse. You also worked with a kitten.
Well I don't know how much rehearsal you need for that [laughs]. But the horse riding, I took that seriously.

It's a workout!
It is. You know what, they're amazing, those things. They're such a great animal. They're really smart, and once you get confident -- it's just a brilliant thing to do. I'm like, 'Oh My God, look what I'm missing.' It was really cool.

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