Real Housewives of Miami Finale: Joanna and Romain (Finally) Tie the Knot

Bravo TV
Well, ladies and gents, we have made it to the season finale of Real Housewives of Miami, season three. And you know what that means? We haven't been canceled... yet.

Last night, we didn't just get the final episode; Bravo gave us a back-to-back RHOM event, with Joanna's bachelorette extravaganza airing Sunday evening. What happened? Let's see if we can sum it up: the ladies (sans Marysol or Ana) headed to Las Vegas, they stayed at the Palms, Lisa got the whitest of white girl wasted, and of course, strippers were there. And yep, there you have it. Now, let's get to Monday night.

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Bravo TV
We meet back up with the ladies in Vegas. We see a very Hangover-like scenario: blow-up dolls, boas in the hot tub, booze bottles everywhere, etc. How did they get like that? We aren't sure. None of the party madness was shown, so you have to ask: was it staged? We couldn't get Andy Cohen on the phone by the time of this review (or ever) so we are going to pretend it was real.

From that debauched suite, what proceeds to happen is all of your favorite wedding movie cliches: they miss their flight and have to get to San Diego before rehearsal dinner. Oh no! What to do? The drama....

So the girls grab a rental car and are on their way. Be sure to put your tissues and Xanax down because they arrive perfectly on time and in full hair and makeup. Again, how did this happen? We are just ignoring the details at this point. But not too many details, because each and every wedding vendor gets a shout-out on camera. Must be nice to have your entire soiree paid for.

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