Ten Reasons to Visit Orlando This Christmas Season

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Photo by Hannah Sentenac
It's Christmas in Miami, which means yet another year of fried dough and crushed dreams at Santa's Enchanted Forest. But if you're looking for something -- anything -- else to do that doesn't involve flying into a snowstorm, there's always Orlando.

Our easy-to-access neighbor to the north offers tons of holiday festivities, and with the four-degree temperature drop, hell, it almost feels like the North Pole. Here are ten reasons to visit Orlando this Christmas season. ¡Feliz Navidad!

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Loren Javier Flickr/cc
10. Christmas fireworks
Disney has the best fireworks. Maybe ever. And their Christmas display at the Magic Kingdomis nothing short of spectacular. While people in the northeast are suffering through snow and ice, you can watch the balmy tropical sky light up instead.

Jim Moore Flickr/cc
9. The Holy Land Experience
Only in Orlando is there a Jesus theme park. And as you can imagine, they go all out for the dude's birthday. They've got shows! Music! Lights! Even comedy. Seriously. Christian or militant atheist, this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime places you've got to experience. Jesus would want it that way. Oh, and it's even free to walk through during the Christmas season - free parking, too. How charitable! How Christ-like!

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