Art Basel Miami Beach 2013: Winners and Losers

Ciara LaVelle
The convention center has closed. The fairs are breaking down. This morning, Wynwood is a lot more colorful -- and a lot quieter.

Art Basel 2013 is officially over. And now it's time for the rehash.

This year's mega arts fest was arguably the biggest in Miami history, with the opening of a new major art institution coinciding with an increasingly crowded art-fair scene and a ton of big names on display at museums and galleries across town. We had art stars. We had celebrities. We had cocktails and live shows and parties upon parties upon parties.

So who won the week? Who should've just stayed home? And, for crissakes, who is buying these godawful T-shirts? Read on to find out.

Vanessa Martin

The Pérez Art Museum Miami was Basel's most highly anticipated work of art this year. But with so much hype, was the museum selling itself too high?

Short answer: No.

PAMM's opening drew raves from media outlets around the world (including New Times) -- a particularly epic feat given the controversy over naming the building after Jorge Pérez in 2011. And thanks to the museum's "free to locals" policy throughout Art Basel, art professionals weren't the only ones impressed; Miamians packed the place throughout the weekend, taking in the art of Ai Weiwei and taking advantage of the near-perfect weather in the museum's pristine outdoor space.

Madame Tussauds
If you're the kind of person who spends $40 on a ticket to take pictures with lifelike figures of famous people in places like Las Vegas or Niagara Falls, you were in luck this Basel. Eerily realistic sculptures of life-size people were all the rage this year, from the Marc Sijan booth at Art Miami to the gigantic Andy Warhol head at Scope. And let us not forget Shen Shaomin's I Want to Know What Infinity Is. Not that you could.

Speaking of bare ladyparts, vaginas at Basel are so hot right now. Vajayjay, vaj, pink fortress, hoo-ha, meat wallet -- however you like to say it, female genitalia was one of the most common themes at this year's fairs. Confidential to purveyors of art vadge: Vaginas have come a long way (no pun intended) in their acceptance. They're no longer shocking or seen as taboo. You are not shocking anyone with these pieces.

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Nicole Murcia
Nicole Murcia

"Surviving Art Basel is so last year." Lol Regina Cecilia Castañeda

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