Art Miami/CONTEXT 2013: The Ten Most Terrifying Works of Art (NSFW)

Photos by Ciara LaVelle
The big news at Art Miami and CONTEXT this year fell into two camps. Scornful street art aficionados have railed against the fairs' showing -- and this year, selling -- of works by the anonymous street artist Banksy ever since they first appeared at the event last year. Meanwhile, art lovers at the other end of the spectrum looked forward to mingling with supermodel Cindy Crawford amid diamond-dusted portraits of her by photographer Marco Glaviano.

But if you weren't too disgusted and/or dazzled by the big names at Art Miami/CONTEXT at last night's VIP preview, you were likely busy feeling a very different type of emotion: freaked right the fuck out.

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In the interest of news, here are the two Banksy pieces, which look like, well, Banksy pieces:


And here are a few of Glaviano's shots of Cindy Crawford, which are sparkly and sexy and show a little (okay, a lot of) boob:


But when you try to sleep after roaming the stalls at Art Miami, you won't be having sweet, sensual dreams about supermodels. You'll be having nightmares, courtesy of artwork like this:

10. Foundling by Patricia Piccnini
Alien fetus? A baby Falcor? The tragic fate of that baby from Dinosaurs? Whatever it is, it's made with real human hair. No way, kid. I am not the mama.

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Kris Rodriguez
Kris Rodriguez

LOL @ Cary Gonzalez but what did Cats Geli say??? Please translate that for us

dantevida topcommenter

it's Kim and Kanye's little dark gypsy thing

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

I am not surprised you failed to include the most grotesque piece of art 

The Perez Art Museum Miami!  

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Apparently reading this post makes some folks hallucinate...

Cats Geli
Cats Geli

my nightmare I had married and since then can not get rid of me, despite divorce. it was in 1989 but have no desire at all to think about it yet, how many years ago that was, it's not really worth

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