"28 Chinese" Debuts at the Rubell Family Collection (Photos)

All photos by Vanessa Martin
He Xiangyu's "My Fantasy" on display at The Rubell Family Collection
The Rubell Family Collection has opened its new exhibition, "28 Chinese." The collection is a culmination of the family's six research trips to China between 2001 and 2012. The Rubells visited hundreds of artists' studios across China, from Beijing to Hong Kong to Shanghai. Ultimately, they acquired artwork from 28 different artists, many of which have never shown in North America until now. The collection consists of a myriad of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and video installations -- just enough to fill a 262-page catalog.

Cultist got a firsthand look at "28 Chinese." Here's a sneak peek.

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In the main room located on the first floor, is the pièce de résistance by Zhu Jinshi titled Boat. The massive tunnel is suspended from the ceiling and is made of Xuan paper, bamboo, and cotton thread. You can also walk under it to take it all in.

Zhu Jinshi, "Boat," acquired in 2013

Tunnel view
This large-scale inkjet painting by Liu Wei called our attention with its bold colors and geometric lines.

Liu Wei
Outside, is a large sculptural installation by Li Zhanyang titled Rent-Rent Collection Yard. It represents the class conflict in 1960s China.

Li Zhanyang, "Rent-Rent"
Back inside, we weren't sure who this panda belonged to, but it sure was cute.


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