Instagramers Gallery Opens in Wynwood, Offers $100K for "World's Best Instagram"

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Courtesy Instagramers Gallery
Instagram: For most, it's a quick way to share your latest selfie or foodie picture. But thanks to a new gallery opening in Miami tonight, there's more you can do with Instagram -- like share your fine art, and possibly win a huge grand prize.

That's right -- the hipster photo app is getting its very own art space, right in Miami's hipster mecca of Wynwood. The Instagramers Gallery, created by Spain-based artists and social innovators Phil González and Jorge Martínez, will open at 7 p.m. tonight at 2324 North Miami Avenue. The gallery is the only physical Instagram gallery in the world, organizers say, and will feature photography from 17 renowned "Instagramers" from Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Sweden, South Africa, and the United States.

Gallery founders Jorge Martinez and Phil Gonzalez.
The Instagramers will have their best artwork on display and Miami Instagramer @igersMiami, will also showcase their photography showcasing the Magic City. Other Instagram artists on display include @thomas_k, @Wlad, @cirkeline, @misshedwig, @philgonzalez, @takinyerphoto, @grether, @hons24, @Timbrado, @Macenzo, @giariv, @hnato_nf, @Katia_Mi, @bossthefrenchbulldog and @garethpon.

But Instagramers Gallery won't be the world's only gallery featuring Instagram art for long. A second gallery is planning to open in Madrid, Spain, in early 2014. Both gallery spaces will, of course, feature social art, but will also focus on seminars, events and talks.

Also up for grabs is an Instagramers Photo Prize of $100,000, to be awarded to one lucky winner chosen by a jury featuring "well-known personalities in the worlds of photography, art, communications and new technologies," according to a press release. Photographers can enter their best Instagram post between Dec. 16 and April 30, 2014. The winner will be chosen from the daily Photo-Day Prize finalists. Enter at instagramersgallery.

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Kevin Olivares
Kevin Olivares

Aina i bet there's gonna be prints for sale. Lmfao. I can't with this shit

Aina Gonzalez
Aina Gonzalez

Why even this gallery to begin with? I find it so pointless.

Aina Gonzalez
Aina Gonzalez

Kevin Olivares it really is…world's best instagram gets 100k? WHY? Who's to say their instagram isn't filled up with photos from the internet?

Rafael Velez Jr
Rafael Velez Jr

& this why I never downloaded Instacrap I mean Instagram. I never knew everyone is a professional photographer.

j.pollo topcommenter

Solution in search of a problem. A web page would have been infinitely better.

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