Kenton Parker's "Contender" at Primary Projects: "I Am a One-Man Machine"

Don't tell Kenton Parker that love means never having to say you're sorry. On the contrary. For the 45 year-old West Coast artist, apologies when sincere are the weft and weave of romantic purity.

During a recent visit to Primary Projects' sprawling new space in Downtown Miami, Parker was knee deep in a thoughtful reverie while building a glass greenhouse he planned to fill with orchids, tulips, roses and plenty of spiny succulents as an offering to all the women he's loved and hurt before.

"I have this ability to piss off someone and say I'm sorry in the same long run on sentence," the green-thumbed, wiry dynamo explained. "I'm going to fill my hothouse with some neon signage too. When people enter the gallery all their senses will be brought into play."

For Parker, Always Sorry, the lush installation that masquerades as a functioning flower boutique, is part of his Art Basel solo that exposes his vulnerable side and an exercise in purging his amorous demons, he says.

"I'm really good at stepping in shit and really good at cleaning up that shit," he adds. In addition to filling Primary's pristine 5,000 square foot space with the scent of a gangster's funeral, Parker's show, titled "Contender," will transport viewers on a poetic journey staging the peaks and valleys of human complexity.

Parker is presenting a series of works ranging from sculpture, painting, installation and photographs that are self referential and marked by raw emotion.

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Primary Projects

151 NE 7th St., Miami, FL

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