New Times Ultimate Art Basel 2013 Guide: All the Fairs, Parties, and More

Art Basel in Miami Beach: It's kind of a big deal. So big, in fact, that we at New Times couldn't possibly cover its entirety in one single article. That's why we've spent the past weeks -- months, even -- working on a wide selection of stories about its upcoming exhibits, interesting artists, and of course, rounding up all the best events to attend.

But now that Basel week is here, you're going to want a one-stop source for easy access to all that info. So here you have it: a comprehensive collection of all our Art Basel coverage thus far, from our print feature hitting the stands tomorrow to the blog posts you've been reading and revisiting for weeks.

Think of it as the ultimate guide to your Art Basel experience this year.

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frankd4 topcommenter

................................from my own experience IF you do NOT have an invite and or parking / transportation arrangements already secured this is NOT,  repeat NOT,  an event to be approached cavalierly or casual - you MUST be prepared as in PRE-BOARDED

IT IS NOT like a BIG GAME event you approach without a ticket betting on scalpers

the various events and sundry facilites are disjointed and bias and typically a chinese parade style mash-up even WITH proper invitations - it may still amount to an every person for themselves rush for entry

IF your idea of adventure is risk parking in a tow away spot,  then hobble on uneven sidewalk pavement even before any booze,  only to await an opening among a subway car crush of very odd people,  with limited or NO bathroom access - then have at it - and do not expect anyone to be available in a customer service / relations capacity

JUST have your $20 out and ready as you take your 4 oz plastic flute of champagne and move along = period

frankd4 topcommenter

.......................................AND i went as an invited GUEST of one of the local artists whom new times covered on at least one article : Meet Smokin' Artist Jason Hedges By Riki Altman Tue., Aug. 30 2011 at 12:00 PM Write CommentCategories: Food Art

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