The Ten Greatest Only-In-Miami Christmas Traditions

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When it comes to Christmas, we do things a little differently here in the MIA. While you will never find chestnuts roasting on an open fire, you will find tremendo lechón.

And in the 305, a "white Christmas" has nothing to do with actual snow.

So crank up the Jose Feliciano, invite your 30 closest relatives over, and get into the holiday spirit with these ten only-in-Miami Christmas traditions.

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10. Getting White Girl Wasted Off Coquito
The best thing to come out of Puerto Rico since Menudo, coquito is the nectar of the holiday gods. It's the Hispanic version of eggnog, except with way more rum and way less egg. So, the better version, obviously. If you've never tried it, grab the first boricua that crosses your path and get your drank on. Salud!

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9. Hot Chocolate and Churros In or Around Your Mouth
When the temperature drops below 60 degrees (so... like twice a year) and you need to warm your tired soul, there's no better remedy than some hot chocolate and churros. Not the watered down Nestle kind and those abominations from Churromania either. For the real deal, us Miamians throw on that one sweater we each own and hightail it over to Las Palmas on Calle Ocho. Talk about a mouthgasm.

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Cool post and information.I would say this is the beauty of Miami and its tradition.This is the reason i love to spend vacations specially Christmas Vacations in Miami.This time also i am planning to visit Miami and make my Christmas more memorable. here are some sexiest places of Miami to enjoy Christmas

Millie Santana
Millie Santana

OMG True! I get my coquito from my friend who makes them in all kind of flavors here in Miami. One of my favorite for this time is the peppermint one. And her. Cookies and cream one is out of this world! ! Somehow coquito is becoming the unofficial Christmas drink for many:)

Alba Lu
Alba Lu

Lol Sheila Lilybeth Cordova

Dan Anthony Cruz
Dan Anthony Cruz

Lol! I've being drinking coquito almost every day since Thanksgiving! hahaha


You forgot (or omitted on purpose) going out to the slaughterhouse on Okeechobee and picking out your own live pig, and then witnessing or participating in the killing and cleaning.

Ace Greene
Ace Greene

Getting robbed by a crackhead in a Santa hat outside of a barber shop that sells rims and cell phones. THAT'S MIAMI CHRISTMAS.

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