The Top Ten Miami Plays and Musicals of 2013

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This past year saw a decline in the number of productions mounted by small and mid-sized troupes, so it's only natural that our countdown of 2013's best regional productions is dominated by three of our most consistently rewarding companies. Here it is:

10. Agnes of God
Having seen this ascetic, fact-based play about a novice nun and the dead baby that winds up in her wastebasket a few seasons earlier at Palm Beach Dramaworks, I wasn't frothing for another production so soon. But New Theatre nailed it. Its spartan production felt raw, haunting, and still of-the-moment, with exceptional mood lighting and a psychologically inspired set design.

9. Making God Laugh
This recent winner from Actors' Playhouse, working from an imperfect script by Sean Grennan, rose above its problems to create an engaging and relatable study of a family's mutating relations over four decades. Angie Radosh delivered another performance full of nuance and power, but she was only the head of an exceptional table: Like most of the productions on this list, the casting was key, and words like "perfect" don't do it justice.

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