Wednesday's Best Art Basel Events: Kanye, Pharrell, Kendrick, and PAMM at Last

Kanye's coming, y'all.
Maybe you're not interested in the upper crust Art Basel scene. Maybe you find the exclusive opening parties to be vapid and overblown. Maybe you hate drinking for free in a room full of bizarrely dressed strangers.

Or maybe you just forgot to RSVP this year.

Either way, if you're attending the fairs as a regular ol' plebe, today's for you. The fancy-shmancy opening events are almost over, and most satellite fairs are now open to the public. Also open today: PAMM, offering free admission to its brand spanking new facility for anyone who lives in Miami-Dade.

Here's to you, regular guy. Now get out there and look at some million dollar art.

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Aqua VIP Preview: Okay, so maybe it's not all anti-VIP. But this fair at South Beach's Aqua Hotel boasts a chill vibe in an outdoor courtyard, so think of it as VIP Lite.
4 p.m. - 11 p.m. Visit

Art Basel Kickoff Party with Kendrick Lamar, in conjunction with Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami: This is the ultimate Art Basel kickoff party for music lovers, brought to you by Flaunt magazine and 3P Productions. We've also all but confirmed that Kanye's gonna show up for an art collaboration with his Yeezus stage designer Vanessa Beecroft. But it's a private event, so work your connections, people.
Time TBD. Visit

Design Miami: This cool counterpart to Art Basel is now open to the general public after yet another champagne-soaked Vernissage last night. You won't get the free booze, but you'll still see an awesome Swarovski installation and snag bites by Michael Schwartz.
Open 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Visit

The Drawing Room: A public event with free cocktails! The Freehand presents its Basel version of The Drawing Room, this time with artist Reed Van Brunschot. The Pernod Ricard drinks will flow from 8-9 p.m.
8 p.m. - midnight. Visit

Gringo Bingo 1 Year Anniversary: Okay, it's not the official one-year anniversary of bingo at Wood Tavern -- that happened back in October. But why not celebrate the weekly event's belated birthday during Basel? Especially if there's a chance you'll win artsy prizes and even original artwork.
7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Visit

Kanye Everywhere: Seriously, tonight's all about the Yeezy. In addition to his expected appearance at Mana Wynwood (see above), he'll also be one half of a private discussion at the Moore Building. And there are also rumors that Kanye and his Kardashian baby mama will attend "Most Oddinism," a pop-up exhibition at 3250 NE First Ave., right in the middle of Midtown. Basically, if you don't catch a glimpse of Kanye tonight, you aren't trying hard enough.
"Most Oddinism" runs 6 p.m. - 11 p.m.

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Victor Runciman
Victor Runciman

This song and video would be great IF ONLY there was NO Kanye "Confederate Boy" West nor Kim Kardashian!

Manny Martinez
Manny Martinez

Who needs Kanye when you have real talent like NAS


I heard Spike Jonze is in town for a movie -- when is that happening???

Mike Montero
Mike Montero

Now I know exactly where not to go. Thank you so much for warning us NT!

frankd4 topcommenter


................................i don't know kanye,  but if CARAVAGGIO shows up then i'm IN !

Louis Wing
Louis Wing

Maybe Kayne can make another video where he's dry-humping his baby-momma on a table, in the restaurant in the Eiffel tower. He can pop up and ask "What she order" and Kim will say "OOHH, Fish Filet"

James Kendall
James Kendall

Why can't Shamu and Fucktard be satisfied ruining just one coast?

Jasmin M Augustin
Jasmin M Augustin

no one wants to see Kanye and Kim anymore! get them off the stage. #illuminati


* -- that's the right link :)

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