The Ten Coolest Cosplays at Animate! Miami

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This past weekend, cosplayers far and wide descended upon the Miami Airport Convention Center to take part in Animate! Miami. With SyFy's hit reality show Heroes of Cosplay filming all three days -- and with show star Yaya Han as one of the main competition's judges -- the scene really brought it. We'll hopefully get to see a whole bunch of it when the episode airs.

Until then, check out a few of our favorites:

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Elisa Meléndez
By the end of the night, I, too, wanted to find a Big Comfy Couch.
10. Loonette the Clown
I'm just happy to see a nice childhood throwback. Loonette and Molly, her dolly, were friendly faces in a sea of cosplays from animes I didn't recognize. I didn't ask if she'd done her clock rug stretch for the day, though.

Elisa Meléndez
You can look good in a burlap sack, dude.
9. Oogie Boogie
Sometimes the simplest cosplays, well-executed, can be quite impactful. Andrew took burlap and bubble wrap and turned it into a welcome nightmare (before Christmas). Even better was his showmanship on the main stage, where he sang the Oogie Boogie song acapella to the delight of the audience.

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Andres Lemos
Andres Lemos

Bryan Shore tell me you wouldn't be down?

Shawn Bob-omb
Shawn Bob-omb

John-Alexander Reyes check out what costume came in at number 1

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