Filmgate Interactive 2014: Five Performances Not to Miss

Filmgate Interactive 2014, where you can interact with just about anything but the ground
It used to be that if you wanted to get inside a movie, you'd have to ring Marlon Brando's doorbell and then quickly hide in a sandwich on his doorstep. From there, it was a waiting game.

Technological improvements have led to a new kind of filmmaking far more interactive than mere cannibalism. That's where Indie Film Club Miami's Filmgate Interactive 2014, running from Thursday through Wednesday, comes in.

Diliana Alexander, who has directed the festival since it began in 2012, says that "this is the future of visual and interactive storytelling. We want to make sure that not only does Miami experience it but also starts to create it."

Filmgate includes interactive films, yes, but also dance, music and theater experiences. Take, for example, The Lost Children (9 p.m. on Jan 31 and Feb 1, $35). A plot summary is useless because the story will change -- in real time -- based on how the audience interacts with the film. What we do know is that there will be cocktails, a chance to join a cult, and full nudity. There will also be a Q&A after each version of the event so you can learn what the heck it was that you were just a part of.

Amy von Harrington and Her Time Traveling Monkeys (Time Traveling Monkeys not pictured)
This year's incarnation of Filmgate Interactive starts on Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the Miami Light Box Theater. Other interactive festivals would be content to have a cash bar and some turned tuna salad to interact with your stomach. Not Filmgate.

In addition to the cash bar and probably-safe-to-eat food, there will be performances, music and weird visuals. TRPL QUINCE is a performance by 45-year-old Octavio Campos, who will be hosting his triple quince party as a belated coming out. If this helps you imagine what might happen, know that the show's credits include a Hypnosis Advisor.

There will also be something called Three-Minute Space-Time Monkey Business Continuum by Amy von Harrington. We've never seen this, so we'll assume it's a nine-hour ballet adaptation of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Then there's Jacob Niedzwiecki's Ensemble, a "responsive, participatory media installation" that uses a smartphone app and "flocking algorithms" to alter the installation space as participants move through it and, possibly, steer their interactions. So basically Tinder but with better lighting.

That would be pretty good if those were just highlights from the whole festival. But those are all just pieces from the opening party, which will also include musical strange by Richard Haig's Panic Bomber, Maylee Todd, Jean Jacket and The Hongs. There's also going to be a DJ set by a person who called sans who interacts with capitalization rules in unexpected ways. Visuals by Jason Boogie, which are way better than Lewd Whispers by Mike Boogie.

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