Miami Comic Dave Williamson Totally Makes Out With His BCS Championship Tickets (VIDEO)

Janeane Garofalo said it best in The Truth About Cats and Dogs: "We can love our pets. We just can't looooove our pets." (In the sexy way, she means.)

For most people, the same is true of our college football teams. But don't tell that to Miami comedian Dave Williamson, who is really excited to watch Auburn in the BCS National Championship game this Monday. Like, maybe too excited. Licking-and-nuzzling-his-pair-of-tickets levels of excited.

The video above, created by Williamson and fellow Miami comic John Wynn, has been making the Internet rounds this week, particularly in Auburn fan zones. In it, the 2012 New Times Best Comedian acts on his own full-on crush on his tickets to the game, skipping through fields, playing hide and seek, and even getting down in a so-gross-it's-funny makeout session.

But don't worry, Noles fans. This video is for you, too. Wynn is a Florida State alum, and shows up at the end to put Williamson's antics in check.

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