Miami's No Pants Subway Ride Was a Tiny Sausagefest (PHOTOS)

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Photos by Alex Markow.
Perhaps more than in any other city in the country, Miami residents hate wearing clothes. You've got shirtless bros and girls in bathing suits shopping the aisles at Publix. You've got everybody dressed down to the bare minimum at the club. I once saw a woman wearing a sheer beach cover up over a thong bikini checking into an international flight at MIA.

We are not, generally, a conservative bunch.

But there is one place where clothing is a must-have, apparently: the Metrorail. Sunday's No Pants Subway Ride, Miami's inaugural edition, drew only a small crowd, almost entirely made up of men. Fellow, pants-wearing passengers seemed both amused and uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the pants-free crew let it all hang out for our cameras. Enjoy.

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Pants-free posing.

...And one woman who's clearly gonna pass.

Try to control yourselves, ladies.

Guess he's more of a briefs fan.

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Hahaha! This is great!  I love that these types of things are happening here in Miami.  Too bad I missed out!

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