That Awkward Moment's Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller Talk Bro Code, Banging, and LeBron

That Awkward Moment
So, that awkward moment when you get into an elevator with Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan at the Soho House on Miami Beach. Yeah, that happened. Let us tell you about it.

As two of the three stars of That Awkward Moment (in theaters today), the guys resemble your typical twenty-somethings. You know, hipster but hot, sipping on mimosas at 2 p.m., taking mirror pictures for Instagram, exchanging witty banter regarding one another's choice of outfit that day. Yeah, these guys are bros, and a bromance is obvious. That's why the chemistry in the film looks natural; because it is.

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Directed by the also handsome Tom Gormican, the movie revolves around the vulnerability and embarrassment of modern-day relationships and how gents get through it all. That is, of course, with one another by their side.

Luckily, when we arrived at our destination, we all made our way to a penthouse to chat everything from movies to Miami and a little sex. And as you can see from question number one, things got filthy. And quickly.

New Times: Thanks for that epic elevator ride.
Miles Teller: It was pretty great. Was it good for you too?
Michael B. Jordan: It was mind-blowing. One I'll never forget.

I mean, it was great. What do you guys think of good old Miami?
MBJ: I love it.
MT: No, but I love it. Like, love it here. The women, the weather, the food.

Not everyone loves it.
MT: If someone doesn't love Miami, they are doing something wrong. Honestly. Where did you grow up?

Indiana, actually. What about you two?
MT: I grew up in Florida. Just an hour north of Tampa. Crystal Rivers. Actually it's the Manatee Capital of the word, so please respect.
MBJ: I am from Newark, New Jersey. I think we are the loofah capital of the world? Truth or not, that isn't something I am super proud of.

I love people from New Jersey. You guys have dirty mouths, obese governors, delicious food. What is not to love?
MBJ: Thank you for that. We have a lot of pride.

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