The Floppy Rooster: Your New Favorite Nude Male Strip Club (NSFW)

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We once had a guy tell us, "You just like Magic Mike because Channing Tatum was in it." Well sir, that is true. Mr. Tatum could make a movie where he did nothing but read his mail and we would probably go see it. (Maybe even twice.) But the real basis of that movie is that girls and gays love a sexy naked man. Have the ability to dance? Well, our panties are officially in a twist.

Straight men like to think that they are the only ones getting in on the strip club action. On the contrary: if you guys are going, we (being the girl and gay community) are going too. We just aren't talking about it. You have your classics like Le Bare, which is predominantly for the bachelorette party crowd. But with it's 1980s decor and lack of full nudity, it's not ideal. Until a few months ago, you also had Swinging Richards, a strip club full of gorgeous naked gents putting the name of the club to action. But there was one issue: they frowned upon the lady kind.

But now, we have good news: The Floppy Rooster has opened in Miami for anyone and everyone looking for an au natural good time.

Located about five minutes from the airport, the Rooster is about 30 minutes from Miami Beach. And don't be afraid that you will miss it: just look for the ginormous Vivid Live sign from its sister club next door. Yes, that same Vivid that brought you the classic and classy Farrah Abraham's Backdoor Teen Mom.

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Upon arrival, you are greeted by perhaps the happiest doorman to ever exist. Yes, we said the doorman were happy, not complete assholes. A Miami novelty! From here on out, we will be referring to them as "unicorns."

If you are a man, you can expect a cover ranging from free up to $10; ladies, you'll pay anywhere from $10 to $20. But what might surprise you is that upon paying cover, you are given "funny money." It's fake money that they encourage you to give back to the dancers. So if you were planning to stuff $20 into the g-strings of the dancers anyway, you've just broken even.

Once you're inside, the options are of abundance. You can post up at the bar, take a seat by the stage, grab a table (with bottles starting at just $75) or reserve the "baller room" that includes champagne and a man of your choice. Maybe just want some one on one time? You can head over to the friction room. What goes on there? That's for you and your $15 to find out.

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The Floppy Rooster

7018 NW 72nd Ave., Miami, FL

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