The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Long Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend

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How cold is it in Miami? So cold that Flo Rida had to put on a shirt.
Ahh, Miami. The skies are blue, the sun is shining, and the temperature's sitting at a comfortable -- wait, 47 degrees? Seriously?

Guess it's that time of year -- one of the two, or at most three, weeks each year when Miamians get a tiny taste of the winter that plagues the rest of the country. Pull out those coats, scarves, and Uggs before you step outside this morning.

But there's always a silver lining, and this weekend you've got three. 1) No matter how cold you think you are in Miami, your friends up north still have it worse. 2) Miami's filled with fun stuff to do this weekend to get your blood pumping. 3) It's a long weekend, so you can keep partying through Monday. Here's what's on the agenda.

Art Deco Weekend: Celebrate South Beach architecture before some Real Housewife comes along and ruins it for everyone.
Animate! Miami: Cosplay and cartoons!
Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival: No MST3K-ing allowed; this fest is for serious lovers of homemade sci-fi.
Miami International Art Fair: Take a good, hard look at the motherfuckin' boat (and the masterpieces on it).

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Rey Santos
Rey Santos

Who has an extra day , Students ? Because people in the real world have to work on Monday.

Andy Weiss
Andy Weiss

Why isn't the MLK day parade on this list?

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