Local Magic Man Performed for Madonna, Named Magician of the Year

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Courtesy of Mio Rodriguez
His father was a costume designer and his mother a professional dancer, so it's almost as if Mio Rodriguez was destined to be a performer.

His father also dabbled in magic, y'know, the occasional trick.

"When I was seven years old, he would sit me on his lap in the kitchen and teach me magic with cards," Rodriguez said. "He would take me to magic shows, and he always told me how things were done."

Pops should be proud, because unlike haphazard TV illusionist Gob Bluth, this guy is getting love from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He was just named Magician of the Year by the south Florida chapter, and he has his own television series in the works. Clearly, his development is anything but arrested.

Despite his upbringing, Rodriguez fought the initial urge and pursued a career as an actor. It wasn't until his late 20s that he was reintroduced to abracadabra. He was living in Dallas, Texas, and his next-door neighbor taught him the basic fundamentals of a new style that would rekindle the fire.

"He said, if I could learn these seven moves of close-up magic, I could be a magician." With those moves added to his dad's tricks, he was confident he could make a living out of it. "I discovered that close-up magic was something I was really good at."

Rodriguez has successfully worked as a magician for the last 24 years. He's an entertainer for hire. You may know him as Mio the Magician, and he's finally getting the recognition every magician wants.

Mio the Magician specializes in close-up magic and mentalism. Close-up magic, as the term implies, is when a magician performs magic tricks before an intimate audience. To be clear, there's no "far away magic," but the closest thing would be stage magic.

When you have a magician on a grand stage in front of a large audience, "it may look like a woman is really being cut in half, but that's an illusion that looks good due to all the money they spend on props and lighting and taking the distance into account."

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