Photographer Shannon Spadaro-Waring Wants to Prove Hunting Can Be Girly (NSFW)

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Photo by: Shannon Spadaro Waring
South Florida resident Shannon Spadaro-Waring leads a pretty normal life. Wife, mother, and artist, Spardaro-Waring lives with her husband and sons in Homestead, where she relishes a bloody hobby: hunting.

"What I'm trying to explain is that [hunting] still can be a very feminine thing, a very girly thing," she said. "My gun sock is pink; I've made it my own so it blends in with how I am."

Spadaro-Waring's detractors inspired "Huntress," a series of provocative photos juxtaposing extreme femininity and graphic images of guns and the dead animals that the photographer hunts. Now, she's promoting her work and her message -- that women, regardless of their appearance, deserve as much respect in the hunting world as men -- on a Facebook page called Venus Hunts.

A longtime photographer and makeup artist, Spadaro-Waring was introduced to hunting by her husband and his family, gradually learning how to properly handle guns and hunt on her own. As she grew to love the sport, Spadaro-Waring found that a lot of people were less than accepting of a woman's involvement in the male-dominated practice.

"Everyone kind of thinks it's ridiculous, except for my husband," she said. "I've got my long, fake fingernails and I'm all glammed up sitting in a treestand for hours. People usually don't believe it, and I think it's definitely because of the way I look and the photography I do."

Photo by: Shannon Spadaro Waring
An admirer of photographers like Dave LaChapelle and Cindy Sherman, Spadaro-Waring studied photography at Miami's New World School of the Arts and the Maryland Institute College of Art. After returning to Homestead, she started a small photography business, Venus Photography, around 2001. The business and Spadaro-Warring's pin up-style photographic work did well, but soon marriage and motherhood became her focus.

"My work just kind of stopped for a while," she said. "I'm trying to get back into it now and concentrate on my artwork. Nothing was inspiring me for years, basically because I was busy being a mom. I just got out of the treestand for four hours one day and the whole series came to my head."


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Everyday there are more and more people who stand up against hunting. Her move is pretty bold to bring such practice to the front when the world is waking up in understanding that the animal kingdom has to be for once respected and regarded with compassion. At this time an age, we should be moving forward not backwards, moving towards a more humane world instead of a barbaric primitive one. We should be teaching our children to care and protect animals, domestic, farmed, and wildlife alike, instead of going out there chasing them, and taking their lives. As a photographer she should better engage in photo-hunting and show the beauty of wild life , and help children see how wild animals live, and raise awareness to preserve wildlife instead of destroying it. 

Valyn Calhoun
Valyn Calhoun

i don't mind hunting personally, i'm more offended at the awful hair, make-up, clothing, poses, angles, and post work. yuk!

Vicky Vicky
Vicky Vicky

What a joke , and a sadistic mess . This is the exact opposite of what feminine means! Trash!

Christine Bourie
Christine Bourie

that they have tacky hair and make-up and wear bad clothing? mission accomplished.

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