Ricart Gallery Showcases Celeb Photographer Tiziano Magni (NSFW)

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All photos by Carolina del Busto
Tiziano Magni
As you enter the Ricart Gallery in Wynwood, you'll notice remnants of Carlito Dalceggio's Art Basel exhibition still linger. Though Dalceggio's bohemian-inspired art is eye-catching, what currently hangs is eye-popping.

On display is a joint exhibition titled Curiosity Killed the Cat, consisting of works by celebrity photographer Tiziano Magni and photographer/filmmaker Carter B. Smith.

If Magni's name doesn't strike a bell, then perhaps his famous photographs will. This is the man responsible for the iconic topless Kate Moss black and white image in which she models a pair of jeans for Calvin Klein. Magni has photographed plenty of well-known faces -- both in the nude and with clothes -- but for Curiosity Killed the Cat, he decided to showcase only women.

Estrella Warren
Noting that he photographs both the male and female body, Magni said in history, the human form has always been a prominent muse.

"The body is always like a form of expression of joy, pleasure, movement, tenseness - anything - so it's really just like an expression," he said in his suave Italian accent. "It could be male or female, the sex is not important."

He continued to tell that behind the lens, there's not much difference.

"The photographer has one eye, it's absolutely the same. It's not that you contemplate the human body in a different way -- both men and women are the same; it's all one human body."

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