Valentine's Day Packages You Can't Afford

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Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach
This couple looks happy because they're in love and filthy rich.
Valentine's Day is a mere days away, and what better way than to say "I love you" than by spending crazy amounts of your hard earned cash on extravagant gestures that will top whatever the Real Housewives of Miami can dream of?

What ever happened to the days of handmade cards and home-cooked meals? At some point, we decided outlandish was in and candid romance was out. People seem to favor over the top, and so much so, that some of Miami's most alluring hotels are planning entire packages at exorbitant prices.

In case you're one of those people for which money is no object, one of these might just be the way to you sweetheart's, well, heart.

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$100,000 Dazzle You in Diamonds package at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach
You know what they say - diamonds are a girl's best friend. In honor of their 10th anniversary, The Ritz-Carlton on South Beach is sharing the love with their special package, which starts Valentine's Day and goes on for the remainder of the year. It all starts with a private pickup at the airport in an S Class Mercedes (because, duh) and chauffeur for 24 hours. A one-night stay in an oceanfront suite and separate private poolside cabana awaits you at check-in. The poolside cabana bed is where you'll have your dinner, privately catered by chef de cuisine Gihen Zitouni, along with a bottle of Cristal Champagne for a proper toast to love. For dessert, you'll get a little bling bling - a set of 15.4-carat diamond hoop earrings for her and 4.34-carat, round pave, white diamond cuff links for him by Duchamp (the resorts in-house jeweler). Then, the dance floor is all yours. No really, it's all yours - 10,000 square feet of it, along with a private DJ to get your groove on. Your night ends in your room (as it ought to) with a signature bling red turndown service and 100 red roses. Upon checkout, relax with two 110-minute diamond dust infused facials. It will leave you looking like a million bucks, and dead broke.

The W
For $55,000 this could be yours for three-nights
$55,000 Turn the Lights Down Low at the W
If you want to make your weekend special from the moment you set foot in the Magic City, then begin with helicopter transportation. For those who purchase the W's "Turn the Lights Down Low" package, it includes a round trip helicopter ride to and from MIA International and Miami Beach's Watson Island helipad. For three nights your home will be a two-bedroom penthouse suite that includes a Japanese soaking tub, gourmet kitchen, and private terrace. But you won't be doing any cooking in your gourmet kitchen because you'll have a private seaplane and yacht dinner escape to attend. That entails car service to a private seaplane base for a tour of South Florida's coastline while sipping on Dom Perignon, followed by a four-hour sunset cruise and five-course dinner aboard a 120-foot yacht. To digest your food, a night sky helicopter tour is in order. If any of you guys are thinking of the most expensive and extravagant way to propose, look no further than this package. You'll have the rest of the weekend to gloat while you enjoy your private poolside cabana at WET. You also get a Ferrari car loaner for the weekend to cruise down Ocean Drive, and several spa treatments, including a couple's massage on the private penthouse rooftop terrace. Even Andrew Carmellini will congratulate you through a in-room, three-course aphrodisiac candlelight dinner that includes a double grand raw bar plateau topped with loads of caviar. Welcome to the good life.

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Deering Estate at Cutler
Deering Estate at Cutler

Something you can afford: $20 concert tickets to the Moonlight & Music Concert featuring Nicole Henry at the Deering Estate at Cutler!

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Joao Munoz????????? Alexander SagastumeChristian Reggie Morilla

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Valberta Guthrie

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Cary Gonzalez vicariously through the imaginary and shallow again, NT....

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Read some of it and honestly: Mehhh...

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