What's Wrong With the Arts in Miami? Five Problems the Knight Foundation Should Solve

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Claire Nelson
Maybe you love Miami's arts scene. Maybe you hate it. Either way, if you want to fix it, now's the time to act.

The Knight Foundation is accepting applications for its Knight Arts Challenge through Feb. 24, seeking ideas that'll make South Florida a better and more cultured place. In years past, they've funded individual artists, such as Teo Castellanos, and major institutions, including the Museum of Contemporary Art. They've also funded projects spanning the realms of visual arts, film, music, dance, and more.

It's a chance for artists to finally realize their creative goals, sure. But it's also an opportunity to fix some of the problems that have plagued Miami's arts scene for years. Here are a few ideas to kick-start your own Knight Arts Challenge ambition.

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Morgan Coleman

5. The Wynwood Exodus
You've heard it from artists, gallerists, and hipsters alike: Wynwood is "over." As the neighborhood becomes more popular, rents and property values are rising, and some long-established galleries are being priced out.

The Knight Foundation can't solve this problem entirely; it'd have to buy up millions of dollars in real estate. But it could assist Miami's creative community in taking on a bigger leadership role in the development of Wynwood. Why not fund a consortium of Wynwood gallerists committed to working closely with the BID to enact policies that preserve the arts scene?

4. Preserving Miami Murals
If you've seen this week's interactive feature, you know that Miami is home to one of the world's most vibrant street art and graffiti scenes. That scene exists, in part, due to the annual Art Basel rebirth, during which artists from all over the world visit our town to paint the walls. The trouble is, there are only so many walls to paint, meaning that few works of street art last for more than a year before they're painted over by the next guy.

These murals deserve to live on somewhere other than our memories. So we're surprised there's no documentation or history project devoted to the scene. Whether it's a website, a book, or a museum archive, preserving the murals in photo, video, or other forms would be a worthy cause for Knight to consider.

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What's wrong with the Miami Art scene is an uninformed population and a blogger who is perpetuating this lack of information. In response to Number 4, there is a website that is actively archiving all of the street art in Wynwood, with the goal of preserving the scene due to the constant flux of the walls in Wynwood. Ready for it? www.wynwoodmap.com check it out. its an interactive map that catalogs the art in Wynwood and the surrounding areas. You can filter by artist. You can view work that is no longer on display. you can look up a piece that you're staring at and find out who did it and what was on that wall before it. As a matter of fact, New Times already did an article on it: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/cultist/2013/10/wynwoodmapcom_founder_wynwood.php 

i really don't mean to be insulting to the blogger, but when the information is out there and was even featured in your website, its hard to sit idly by without pointing that out- a little more research would've done the trick.  


All good ideas but implementation is another story.


Number 2! Oh please, oh please...

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