Wildfox Model Beach Volleyball Tournament 2014: Sexy Bods, a Good Cause, Jamie Foxx (Video)

Photo by George Martinez
This weekend, we lurched out from our usual nocturnal, bed-cave existence and hit the sprawling sands of South Beach to catch some rays and touch some abs at the 5th-Annual Wildfox Model Beach Volleyball tournament.

It was as good as you'd expect a free event featuring beautiful people playing competitive sports might be - and then some. Because models are charitable people, the weekend benefited not only our basic carnal urges, but also the Irie Foundation. Of course, DJ Irie was there, and he brought his friend Jamie Foxx with him.

Did you miss it? Don't freak out. We caught the whole thing on video.

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The competition took place over two days, but we came to hang for Sunday's grand finale. Good thing, too, because who wants to miss a surprise performance from the guy who won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles?

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In this video, we explore the really deep questions of a model life, such as "what's your favorite body part to work out," "what's the most annoying thing about your job," and "can I touch your abs?" Hey, at least we asked first. It's less weird that way.

The event is a long-running success, and there's no foreseeable reason why it won't happen in 2015. Start pumping that iron, now, get a good base tan going, and maybe -- just maybe -- you can find the model husband or wife of your dreams.

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Lauren Kathryn
Lauren Kathryn

the only one that looks like a model is at the right end. Pretty faces too please.

T.j. Garcia
T.j. Garcia

This is "journalism?" May I ask, would there be the same response had it been a man asking to feel up the women? Nope, just as creepy.


It's a funny video on a culture blog... maybe you should go to the 'news' blog and go be a douche there.

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