Antonia Wright Uses Her Body as an Artistic Medium: "I Got a Concussion and a Black Eye"

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Photo by Rudy Duboue
"Be" by Antonia Wright
Antonia Wright puts her whole body into her work. Literally.

As a performance-based video artist, Wright uses her body as her medium. Whether she's rolling naked down an alley or simply kissing on an escalator, there's little doubt she gives it her all.

With such dedication to her work, it's no surprise gallerist Anthony Spinello has picked her up. This last year, Spinello included her into his fold alongside local art stars Agustina Woodgate, Typoe, and Farley Aguilar. And what better way to say "Welcome" than with a solo exhibition?

Tonight, Spinello Projects will debut "You Make Me Sick: I Love You," Wright's largest solo exhibition to date. On display will be 13 videos that will encompass not only Spinello's space, but spill over to the adjacent Butter Gallery and Projektraum.

We spoke to Wright about what to expect from the show, using her body as an instrument, and the hazards of the job.

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Cultist: With people who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe what you do?
Antonia Wright: I do mostly performance-based work for video and photography -- it's myself in all the work. I make aesthetic choices on how to create it. It's all action based.

Is the show a retrospective?
I wouldn't use the word retrospective, no. It's sort of a breadth of work that I've made over the last several years. We are showing all video work, and we are showing about 13 different video projects. It's a pretty big show. It's the biggest show I've ever had, and it's the biggest show that Spinello has ever had, too.

How did the idea come about to do the show?
Anthony [Spinello] approached me -- he represents me now -- and he said he wanted to have a big show of mine of video work. We started talking about it, and next thing you know, we were taking over the whole building, and we are creating video rooms, massive projectors, and four-channel audio. The idea just started growing.

Was the idea at first to display just in Spinello's space and then it started to spill over into Butter, or did you plan it this way from the beginning?
We started realizing that there was so much work we wanted to show that we needed more room. Then he told me, "I want to do it in the whole building." And I said, "Yea, of course! Let's do it."

You do a lot of live performance work. Are you doing anything like that for the opening?
No, I don't think so. We have two brand new pieces that I've never shown before in the show and those are very performance based, but I'm not going to do anything live.

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