Is the Miami Heat the Most Fashionable Team in the NBA? Chris Bosh Talks Miami Style

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Usually, it's D-Wade who gathers all the complements off the court for his sharp-line suits and wing-tip shoes. However, it seems yet another style icon is looming on the Heat horizon.

As your champion Heat gear up to play the unfashionable Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Bosh wants Miami to know that he has a soft side for fashion, too. Sorry fanatics, you'll find no talk of stats or four-point-plays here. Instead, we caught up with the gentle giant of the 305 at the Express Yourself Runway Show to talk about his fixation with bow ties, his nights out with the boys, and why girls have it easy. The man, the myth, the undercover fashionista -- this is Chris Bosh behind the ball.

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Cultist: What do you expect to see from the Express Yourself Runway Show?
Chris Bosh: I don't know (he smirks). It's Express, so I'm sure they're going to come with it. I'm sure there's going to be some funky stuff going on. It's Miami - it's a good place for a fashion show.

Do you sport their gear normally?
I am right now. I don't go to the mall anymore, unfortunately, because of obvious reasons. Me being the height that I am, I never thought to check their stuff out. But, you know, at least their shirts fit me. I can look forward to going to Express more often.

What kind of menswear trends are you diggin' right now?
You know what? I like ties. I like the bow-tie trend right now; it's very, very cool. You can dress it up, and you can just as easily dress it down. Unfortunately, men are not like women. Women have the shoes, the accessories, the skirts, the blouses - women can do anything. For men, it's more limiting. I think it's cool, though. You have to be a little more creative in what you do. But right now I'm diggin' the bowties.

In what local boutique do you like to make it rain?
Atrium for sure. Atrium's awesome. The Vault has everything -- watches, shoes, menswear, women's wear. And the Webster is an awesome store, too.

Would you consider yourself a fashionista?
I wouldn't. No, I wouldn't. I mean, maybe. I'm not going to be a self-proclaimed dude, but I do keep up with fashion. When I step out, I like to be put together and to do that, you have to know what's going on. I try to keep my ears to the street.

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Lee Glick
Lee Glick

I think its time he brought back the dreads.

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