The Ten Cutest Kitties of World Cat Congress 2014

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Photo by Gretchen Schroeder
This past weekend, Cultist stopped by the World Cat Congress at the Miami Airport Convention Center -- because duh. We weren't about to miss the largest gathering of cat and cat-people, especially when we heard it would never return to Miami again.

Cats and cat enthusiasts from all over the world stopped by the event to have their pure breeds and domestics judged by a panel of their feline-loving peers. There was a fashion show, an agility ring, and more happy introverts than a '90s Yahoo! chatroom. Big ups to all the fashionistas who came dressed in the same print as their pets.

Of course, we know what you want, and here they are: the most adorable cats at World Cat Congress 2014.

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Photo by Alex Markow
All this excitement has this pretty kitty tuckered out. Zenith is a Siberian, and she just cannot be bothered right now.

Photo by Alex Markow
This is no cat, this is a monster! Look at the size of that thing! But it looks to be a kind and thoughtful master. See? He'll let you pet him.

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DoubleTree Miami Airport and Convention Center

711 NW 72nd Ave., Doral, FL

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