MIFF 2014: Elsa & Fred Red Carpet with Anne Hathaway, Moonrise Kingdom Kid, and Director Michael Radford

Stars mingled with their fans at this weekend's premiere of Elsa & Fred
The 2014 Miami International Film Festival is officially underway, and Cultist was there as familiar-looking people followed a red carpet into the Gusman Center downtown for the opening night screening of Elsa & Fred.

The film is an unconventional romance that in the words of its star, Shirley MacLaine, is about "older people who fall in love before they croak." It's an independent movie, so she and her romantic interest, Christopher Plummer, croak in a racially motivated shootout during a drug heist gone wrong. (Maybe? We didn't stick around for the film.)

More salty talk from MacLaine in a bit but first, if the cast and crew wanted to get inside, they had to face our stupid questions on the red carpet. Or, failing that, at least ignore our timid waves.

"Anne Hathaway! Anne? Anne, I think you dropped your keys?"

Shocking, we know, but the guy on the right has appeared in a Wes Anderson movie.
Jared Gilman, actor

Hey, look! It's Jared Gilman, star of Moonrise Kingdom and Elsa & Fred, too.

Cultist: What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
A man who looked suspiciously like Gilman from the future began to chuckle.

2044 Jared Gilman: Maybe I should move. As his dad, maybe he doesn't want to answer that in front of me.

2014 Jared Gilman: Well, I guess if anything -- because I'm not someone people, like women, swoon over or anything. I'm not...I'm not...

Is that true?
No one does any of that. So, in terms of romantic things, I guess this could count... Back when I was in middle school -- well, two years ago; I'm in ninth grade now -- they did the 3D re-release of Titanic. I took a girl to see it with me. So that could count.

Did it go well?
Yes. Yes.

How well did it go?
It went well. It went well.

And what did you learn about romance from being on the set of this movie?
Well, I guess if anything, when it does come around, you're just kind of really lucky, I guess. Because it's just one of those things where it's just... They always say that there's someone for everyone and it's just a matter of finding that person. And so, you know. Timing.

And how gross is it to watch old people kiss?
Luckily, I didn't have to see any of that when I was on set.

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Olympia Theater at Gusman Center

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