Shelley Novak's 21st-Annual Drag Queen Awards: "It Really Threatens to Be a Great Show"

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Shelley Novak's annual Drag Queen Awards are turning 21, and you know what that means. It's going to be a shit-show like you've never seen.

"I've got Juliesy y Karla cohosting, along with my usual cast of regulars," Novak said. "It really threatens to be a great show."

The veritable institution returns with a vengeance to the Score stage free of charge, complete with two-hour red carpet introduction and a first-ever in-memorium montage. The Oscars can eat its heart out, because even with all those nice dresses and famous faces, the Academy has nothing on all this glitter.

"I was never a pretty drag queen," Novak remembered of her early beginning. "I just figured everyone loves an award show, everyone loves the Oscars, the Grammys, the Tonys. Why not do the Shelleys?"

Now, 21 years later, the event remains a highlight of the year, and why not? There's nothing else like it.

"I get a bunch of dollar store Barbies and I spray paint them gold," she said. "I nominate every drag queen on the scene, and we just have this really great party. Everybody performs. You'd be hard pressed to find a homosexual out there who hasn't done their imaginary Academy Award speech in their bedroom mirror as a child."

This year is a big one. Not only is the 21-mark a milestone, but it's Novak's first year back after beating cancer. She said she's out to remind motherfuckers that she's still alive, and with Juliesy y Karla cohosting, expect the energy level to be out of this world.

"I went to their Valentine's Day Variety Show," Novak said of Hialeah's Finest. "I was like, these guys are great. They're just so outrageous and so hip and in without even knowing what they're doing."

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Score Nightclub

1437 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Tommy Strangie
Tommy Strangie

i love that they renamed it the shelley novak drag queen awards lol - i love them !

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